IT”S A TRAP! Mosquito trap that is!

Literally! Spectrum Pest Control now offers a mosquito trapping service.

“No, not mini mouse traps. Not tiny little cages either”

These traps do not require power or propane. They use a special formulated lure that draws them into these traps. They are particularly effective against the more common biting and vector mosquitoes.  What makes them so great? Many yards will experience heavy mosquito activity, yet have no foliage or other attractive conditions. Ironically,  what draws mosquitoes to our yards, is also what help maintain a mosquito free yard. If your lawn look more like Pebble Beach than the Sherwood Forest? Traditional mosquito control will not work. There have been many traps available on the market, many work for a season then burn out. Others seem to attract as many as they kill. There are even many sold at the Big Box Stores that simply do not work.

Spectrum Pest Control has been at the forefront of alternative pest control for over 25 years! We were the first to offer 100% botanical based mosquito control. We also offer a longer lasting Eco-Hybrid Blend mosquito service, using a blend of 80% botanical and 20% low toxicity no caution rating synthetic. Our new mosquito traps will enhance our already very effective services. These traps will help compensate for the heavy rains we have been seeing this spring. Soon, we will also be adding a new mosquito bait program. This bait actually draws mosquitoes away from where you are and kills them using a natural food grade oil that is micro encapsulated. The carbon dioxide that the lure gives off, draws them to the bait, allowing the mosquito to pick up these microballoons of natural oil, moments later these droplets burst open, coating them.

We maintain the traps, replacing the lure and trapping mechanism monthly. The units are picked up at the end of the mosquito season, typically early October.

Be sure to return to our website regularly for additional updates on this and other emerging technology.