Cara Russo

"Kind, knowledgeable, personable. We have him come our yearly. Had an emergency once and he responded ASAP. Long story short we had a fly issue and he could have come out within 3 days but told us they’d die within a week since their food source disappeared. He was correct! Always willing to help and answer any questions online very thoroughly. Highly recommend!"

Cara Russo

Cara Russo

Carl Travis

"Absolutely top notch! Brent was extremely professional and what I loved the most was his willingness to explain the inspection process. His 30 years in the business really showed and I was particularly impressed with his people skills. Refreshing to get a COMPLETE PACKAGE!! Thanks again, Brent!!"

Carl Travis

Carl Travis

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Welcome to your pathway to a pest free environment

Did you know?

February 1st, 2024 we celebrated our 30th year in business!

How is that for dedication? 

Spring is here! No really, it really is here. NOHA is predicting a solid La Ninia Spring and early summer, meaning very mild to warmer temperatures well into July. This can bring a wet late spring and early summer! Can someone say MOSQUITOES? Our native plants and pest rely on a normally cold winter, which we clearly did not have. Invasive pest such as Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs, Box Elder Bugs and Multi Colored Asian Lady Beetles  and others may thrive this spring. Now is the time to pre schedule your early spring services as well as pest proofing evaluation inspections. We specialize in sealing them out before they enter! 

As most know, I do all my own services. Meaning you get the most knowledgeable and effective service possible. I am also one of several admins of the largest FB group for pest professionals in the world! This means I have the equivalent of thousands of entomologist and pest professionals on staff at any given time. This also means I have a healthy working relationship with many professionals even in SE Wisconsin. This network of connections becomes even more important when those who are outside of my regular service area needs a good recommendation.  .  

Most of my services are available on a seasonal schedule, usually between April through October. We are booking these services NOW!

 The overall dry winter and now spring, has delivered us a mix of unusual pest behavior. 


Services Offered Include the Control and Prevention of:

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Carpenter Ants

Ants, Odorous House Ant, Pavement, Pharaoh, Rove, Mound Ant, Corn Field and more.. 

Mice & Rats



Lady Beetles

Box Elder Bugs 

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs


Termites/Powder Post Beetles

Bed Bugs

Wasps – Hornets-Yellow Jackets


Mosquitoes and Flies



Clover Mites

Clothes Moths-Indian Meal Moth

Grain Beetles

Pantry Pest

Silver Fish

Cluster Flies/Flesh Flies

Fruit Flies-Drain Flies

Birds - Starlings, Geese & Gulls

Over one hundred other pests.



Locally owned and operated since Feb 1st 1994!

Brent T. Towle, owner/operator    

It is Brent's goal is to save you time and money by doing the job right the first time

This can only happen if you are not treated like a number

That is why Brent inspects your home or business before giving an estimate. 

No cookie cutter programs

Holistic pest management requires a well laid out plan. Saving you significant time and money in the long run. Most pest problems do not require ongoing  monthly or even quarterly services. Because of this we are able to offer, up to one full year warranty*.


Spectrum Pest Control also provides thorough Real Estate inspections for Termites, Carpenter Ants and pest of all sorts to ensure you make fully informed decisions about your property purchases. **Inquire on fees** FHA/NPMA Form 33 2019 revision, approved form. Ask about our VA Loan discount.

***We Use NPMA Form-33 (2019 revision)for all our WDO/WDI inspections.

Carpenter Ants and Non-Chemical Bio-logicals and 

Botanical Methods our Specialty

We are active members of these organizations:

We are Kenosha’s first QualityPro Certified Company.

Locally Owned and Operated by: 

Certified Master Technician:

 State License #142781-CA (link to DATCP)

Spectrum Pest Control Eco-Tech LLC

Business Lic# 93-011114-003144 (link to DATCP)

Best way to reach me is via "Schedule Now" or "Contact Us" link at top of page

phone: (262) 657-5665

Also, d/b/a Brent's Spectrum Pest Control

Cell: (262) 818-2534

Seasonal update:

            Save the honey bee! We use methods that reduce risk to honey bees.

COVID-19 Policies and best practices (Click on link for more information)

SPRING is here! Summer is knocking on our doors. 

Mice, Box Elder Bugs, Asian Lady Beetles, Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs, and Carpenter Ants have been keeping me plenty busy!

I specialize in long term elimination without the need for long term contracts. This is possible due to my 39 plus years experience, including performing thousands of pest proofing inspections and services. Meaning I know how to read your house. A good background in construction knowledge has helped as well. 

I can seen inside walls?

Yes, we do VA, FHA Loan WDI pest inspection reports!
We only use the Newly Approved NPMA Form 33!
The form is digital and can be distributed to all parties at the time of inspection. Don't be fooled by low priced unqualified inspectors.
Our regular WDI inspection report fee is $325, we give veterans a $125 discount. $200 is their final cost.
This fee will be applied towards services if Termites, Carpenter Ants, Powder Post Beetles or Wood Fungi is found. Please note, conducive conditions such as water damaged wood is also required to be reported. 
 Beware of the cheap or free WDI/O reports. A bad inspection can come back to haunt the realtor, seller, and buyer! 

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