What a ride it has been.

It has been a while since I have had the time to post. Between the covid boom. Yes, covid kept so many folks at home, our phones rang so much, we had to stop answering our phones. Crazy, right? Yet, three years later, still doing better than the year before. So! How does one get a hold of us if the phone isn’t answered? The most reliable way, is via this website contact form. If you are an existing or recent past client, emailing us will be fine.

There are many reasons why taking calls is difficult, biggest one is I will NOT take or make calls while driving or with a client. Besides the safety issue, I would never leave. I would be stuck making and taking calls.  Unless you want to feed me several meals, you will happy that I don take these calls. Text, emails and contact form is the most efficient. All be it a bit less personal, I can assure you, once I am at your home or business, you will deservedly get 100% of my attention.  I also still do the rest of my business the old fashioned way. In person. This means I will come to your place and look to confirm the actual pest issue, and based on my inspection, make an accurate assessment and estimate. No changes or surprises. All at no charge.

We are in the middle of winter, which means many pest are in their deep sleep, dreaming of better weather to come. Hmm, maybe we are too.

Mice have been steady yet not as crazy as they could be. It is believed that the so far mild temps have kept mice from being highly motivated to find warmer housing. As February comes into focus, this too may change.

I still do all of my own work and plan on doing so, for the foreseeable future. It has always been my goal to buck the traditional molds of running a service business. While most are looking to build up their business to a certain size and the sell to one of the BIG DOGS, I have chosen not to use you, my client as a commodity to be sold and traded on the open market.

My software system is set up to be fluid with my scheduling. Keeping you up to date with pending services, while also being able to give you details of past services and findings. My system actually tracks my movements with in a foot or two, meaning there is a record of where and when I have been at your property as well as how long. I have no control over this data, meaning I do not need signatures after I have completed my work.

Many services want to lock you into one or even two year contracts! Wow! Insane! I am so confident that you will be happy with my work, no contracts. Meaning if all you need is a single service, that is all you need to have. If you prefer a maintenance service og every month, every other month, every three months or even only twice per year/season? That is fine, still no contract. You can cancel anytime you want. No excuses needed. How is that for no pressure?

If you choose a single service? Most actually include a two week follow up at no extra charge. All are warrantied for at least  90 days. Some pest, the technology I use enables me to offer a full one year warranty! Wow! How so? The products I use are effective for up to one full year.  An example would be our Carpenter Ant Service. Please look at out Quick Courses tab for more details of the different services offered.

I look forward to meeting new folks and reconnecting with some of you who have not needed my services for some time.
Have a Blessed 2023!
Brent Towle, Master Technician, Owner, Spectrum Pest Control Eco-Tech LLC