Dog Days of Summer

WOW! It has been one heck of a crazy summer! The rains of late spring woke up mosquitoes that had been lying dormant for years. Making this one of the busiest mosquito seasons in well over a decade. I have researched and worked with several botanical (25b) pesticide developers, in coming up with an effective all natural mosquito program. Spectrum Pest Control now has a new Eco-Hybrid Blend that harnesses the best of what nature provides, boosted with a minimum reliance on traditional control products. Which means, our mosquito services have a major impact on the mosquito population and minimum on our beneficial insects. All while providing 90% control for over three weeks!

Mosquitoes have not been the only pest to dominate. Bed Bugs are still building up in numbers. we are finding more single-family homes are experiencing bed bugs. The cities of Kenosha and Racine are getting hit particularly hard.

Carpenter ants have not slowed down either. Their record numbers are still quite active. This is in part due to the overall milder August temps combined with moderate rains every few days.

Mice will be on the move closer to Labor Day Weekend. November is their busiest season for moving indoors. Now is the time to start thinking about a pest proofing inspection. Spectrum Pest Control uses thermal cameras to more easily detect entry points.

Yellow Jackets and other wasp have been down this year. Late August will reveal the yellow jacket hive we normally would be seeing by now. They are present, just smaller than usual. Be careful when mowing lawns or weeding gardens. Look for flight patterns of the wasp. If nesting in the ground, they will likely be in old chipmunk burrows or root balls of bushes. So far, most of the nest we have been treating, have been in wall voids or under overhangs. NEVER SEAL THE ENTRY POINTS UNTIL NEST IS CONFIRMED DEAD! Doing so will force the hive to chew through drywall and enter the living space of the home. Same is true if entering the hole in the foundation.

Enjoy the Dog Days of Summer. Winter is closer than we think.