Why did you do it?

Why did I get into pest control? Perhaps one the most frequently asked questions I get.

Hmm, How do I answer this without going way back? I can’t. So here it goes.

Back in the summer of 1985, I realized I needed to make more money in order to finish my ology degree, I will get into that more in a bit. I had a friend tell me about an inspectors job opening with one of the big dogs of pest control. Their sweet siren song wooed me. I was all in. After all, one of my “ology” majors was Biology, the other was psychology. What better way to kill two birds with one stone? Sorry birds.

I worked for this company for a total of nearly seven years. I took a break during the winter of 1988 to explore something “more dignified” like selling life insurance door to door. Of course, they didn’t really touch on the door to door thing until after I started. It soon became apparent, it was not what I wanted to do, so back to the big dog I went. They were more than happy to see me return. The good part of the change? I met who would soon become my wife. Judith was the agent who was assigned to train me. Fr Jerry had a field day with that little tidbit.

After a few years, I kept getting recruiting calls from one of the other big dogs. They wanted me to become a regional technical director. I relented. Turned out I was really good at training the new technicians and inspectors. After two years with them, unfortunately, they were not able to fulfill their promise. My wife and I had to face me either getting out of pest control altogether or start our own business. This was something I always wanted to eventually do. Just not while we were still…well…poor.

So, here we were, being faced with a life-changing decision. We prayed and prayed, on how we would be able to do this. I gave my word to my current employer I would not go after the clients I serviced or sold. This meant day one would also mean zero clients. Because we never contacted any of my past clients, from both companies, God Blessed us with a business that grew as fast as we wanted it to. Not too fast, not too slow. You see, we decided on day one, not have employees. Not then, not ever. Why? Because that was the number one problem I experienced with both past employers. No matter how careful new hires were screened, techs would still; steal from clients, not show up for work, not follow instructions on proper application requirements etc.

I am here today, nearly 25 years after starting Spectrum Pest Control on Feb 1st, 1994! Still no employees! Meaning you get one of the most qualified pest professionals in the country!

I am involved in our community. Having served on my Rotary Clubs Board of Directors, twice. The last time, also as Club President. Currently Foundation Board President. Over the years, have donated thousands of dollars in services. Including the Kemper Center Rehab Project, Safe Harbor Animal Shelter, Achievement Center, Shalom Center Homeless Shelter, Salvation Army Food Pantry as well as many fundraisers such as Goodfellas, 4-H, Cub Scouts, Rotary Club Kenosha West Softball Tournament and many more!

Now you know the rest of the story.