Merry Christmas!

It is that time of the year where family and friends travel far and near. Our homes are full of Love and Good Cheer. Reunions long overdue. There is also plenty of surprises. Mostly good. Sometimes our guest bring with them stowaways and hitch hikers. Other times, we bring home an unwanted “new friend”. Imagine you have on a nice warm coat, where are usually asked to put it? On a cold bed! A pile of warm coats can wake up a micro giant. BED BUG! Yes, never assume someone does not have bed beds. If you have no choice? Place the coat on a chair or closer to the foot of the bed, where bed bugs are less likely to be.

If not sure? When you arrive home, place your coats in the dryer for 30 minutes at the highest setting allowed. One thing that will not work, is leaving outside in the cold. The temps would have to get well bellow zero before there is any chance of killing them. Bed bugs can remain “dormant” for up to one year. This is most likely in settings where they are cut off from the trigger of human activity such as our breath, body heat and the human hormone that causes body odor.

Check out our bed bug quick course for more information.

Have a pest free Christmas and Happy New Year!