The 6-Step IPM Approach:

  1. Inspect the entire property. Not just the structure.
  2. Identify the pest problem(s). Including population levels.
  3. Selecting control methods based on the size and type of the pest population.
  4. Employing two or more control measures in combination, mechanical, cultural and chemical.
  5. When needed, applying least-toxic pesticides possible to get the job done.
  6. Evaluating effectiveness, conditions, and entry points with follow-up visit(s)

Specific IPM actions include:

  1. Structural repair and maintenance to exclude pests (ie: replacing the screen with holes or adding, door and garage stops, etc.).
  2. Behavioral modification (ie: properly storing garbage, moving wood away from the house, etc.).
  3. Precise pesticide applications (ie: injecting a non-volatile bait gel or non-toxic dust in wall voids and crevices, where we have detected pests)

Participation is the Key to Success:

Our knowledge of pests and Brent’s 36 years experience managing them allows us to develop an effective IPM plan. Yet, IPM is always more effective when our customers are actively involved. Your knowledge of your home/business and surroundings, your observance of pest problems, and your cooperation with us, your pest management company, will ensure that the IPM program successfully rids your home of pests in the most environmentally responsible way.