About Spectrum Pest Control Eco-Tech LLC

Spectrum Pest Control Eco-Tech LLC is owned and operated by Brent and Judith Towle. Brent Towle has been in pest control for over Thirty-Three years. Brent performs all services and inspections. There are no employees to worry about. You will always get someone with the most training in the area. Brent is a Certified Master Technician with one the highest scores ever achieved in the "Master Technician" programs history. Brent is also well respected by his peers, Having served as President of the Wisconsin Pest Control Association.

Having Brent Towle, the owner performs all services, you get the security of someone who is professional and takes his job very seriously.

Judith Towle is Brent's wife and equal partner in Spectrum Pest Control Eco-Tech LLC. Judith has a degree in Advanced Life Sciences with a strong emphasis on Pre-Med and Organic Chemistry. Judith runs the office end of the business. She also has a big influence on what products and methods we use.

We are here to serve

Spectrum Pest Control is NOT a franchise or part of a large corporation. We do not design our services or programs around "marketing". If you only need a one-time service, we will only recommend a one time service. We always back all of our services with a guarantee. If you prefer a proactive maintenance service, we will design one that is both fair and very effective. Never locked into a contract. You keep our service for as long or short as you wish. 

Spectrum Pest Control is dedicated to providing their customers with superior pest control. In our opinion, that's not enough. You need information too. That's why we've developed our comprehensive, easy-to-understand Quick Courses. The "WHAT'S BUGGING YOU?" series is designed to bring you, in concentrated chapter form, the information you need to understand the pest that's bugging you. If we work hand-in-hand, pest control can become pest elimination...and that's our goal.

The exclusive Spectrum Quick Courses will provide you with biological facts, nesting habits, and even reasons why potentially inviting aspects of your household roll out the red carpet to "uninvited guests!" There may be more of them than us, but not for long.

Let us know how we can help!

Spectrum Pest Control invites you to let us know how we can be of service for your pest issues at your home or your business.  We'll reply to you at our earliest convenience.  Thank you for entrusting us with your pest control needs.