QUICK COURSE - What is Green Pest Control?

What Sets Us Apart?

When you ask us to provide you with a Green pest service, we will first begin with a non-chemical strategy. This means that as opposed to initially using chemicals inside and outside your home, we will first investigate the source of the problem and attempt to eliminate it before applying pesticides.

In addition, we can make recommendations that will help eliminate your pest problem or potential for problems in the future by making recommendations such as repairing screens, replacing damaged windows, and caulking cracks and crevices.

Green Pest Control is to only use pesticides when absolutely necessary and when doing so, will take a targeted approach to eliminate your pest problem.

Why use a Green Professional Pest Control Service?

Reasons to use a green professional include:
- Cost-effective: Using a Green professional may save you money in the long run as their dual focus on prevention and treatment increases effectiveness of pest control.
- Long-Lasting: Green solutions to your pest-related issues focus not only on treating the current problem but preventing future ones.
- Environmentally Sensitive: Green pest management methods are environmentally responsible.

When to use a Green Pest Control Service

Although there are quite a few do-it-yourself measures you can take to safeguard your home against pest problems, a Green pest professional has the tools, skills and experience to keep your home and business pest free. Green pest professionals also have the training in pest habits and behavior that enable them to identify and responsibly take measures before pest infestations get out of control.

What to expect from a QualityPro Professional
A consumer should expect a QualityPro professional to be a highly trained and a highly vetted representative of the pest management industry. With professional training, background checks, motor vehicle checks, drug screening and other safeguards and preparation, you can feel confident that a QualityPro professional entering your home is skilled in inspecting, identifying and treating pests within your home

Steps of Green Pest Management
1. Inspect
2. Identify pests and conducive conditions
3. Establish the degree of pest infestation
4. Practice sanitation and pest exclusion
5. Apply pesticides as necessary
6. Monitor and evaluate
7. Consult with customer

Benefits of Green Pest Management
- Pest prevention
- Customer involvement and education
- Less reliance on pesticides
- Improved home maintenance
- Long-term solutions
- Precise product application
- Effective and environmentally responsible protection from pests